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i4.0 Today is an exclusive platform dedicated to the concept, technology and future of Industry 4.0.

Our mission is to Lead the Industry 4.0 movement and give an insight into Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Factories and Additive Manufacturing within Electronics Manufacturing.

As industry experts, we understand the importance of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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i40 Today Magazine

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  • The Technologies Empowering Industry 4.0
  • The History of the Future of Industry 4.0
  • Industrie 4.0 and the Factory Network
  • Fast Forward to Industry 5.0-When Luigi meets Alexa
  • Where the ‘Industry 4.0″ Rubber Meets the Road
  • ViTrox’s Transformation Towards Smart Manufacturing
  • Collaboration is the Glue to Hold Industry 4.0 Together
i40 Today Magazine

Industry 4.0 Articles

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Revolution is by its nature disruptive, and Industry 4.0 is no different from its predecessors.

Industry 1.0

Mechanical production equipment powered by steam and water.

Industry 2.0

Mass production assembly lines requiring labour and electrical energy.

Industry 3.0

Automated production using electronics and IT.

Industry 4.0

Intelligent protection incorporated with IoT, cloud technology and big data.

The Digital Revolution