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By Kerstin Jakiela , Marketing & Communications Manager, PVA

Headquartered in Upstate New York, with regional sites stationed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Precision Valve & Automation (PVA) is a global supplier of conformal coating systems, innovative fluid dispensing solutions and precision valve technology.

PVA is globally recognized as an industry leader in fluid dispensing and spray systems for adhesives, sealants and coatings. The company is a specialty manufacturer of automated and manual dispensing equipment, spray coating equipment, pumps and valves. Its selective conformal coating systems combine closed-loop process control, high levels of accuracy and repeatability for use in moderate to high-volume manufacturing environments.

PVA was founded in 1992 by president Anthony Hynes, when he began selling dispensing valves for automated and manual dispensing applications out of his home. Later that year, PVA moved to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s (RPI) Incubator Center where it began building XYZ robots to automate its growing valve technology. On October 26, 1992, PVA sold its first automated dispensing system. After that, PVA’s dispensing valve product line grew rapidly to include superior technology for accurately applying conformal coating materials. In 1994, PVA debuted a selective conformal coating system that would later become the PVA2000, which improved on existing XYZ plotting systems by introducing a closed-loop servo controlled process that proved both accurate and rugged. In October 1994, Invotronics in Canada became PVA’s first selective coating system customer. Local, national and industry accolades soon followed as PVA’s reputation grew as a serious contender in the fluid dispensing market.

Manufacturers rely on PVA’s conformal coating systems, fluid dispensing solutions and custom automation products. For more than 25 years, PVA has been making manufacturing easier with customer-driven solutions used throughout numerous industries. “From benchtop equipment to inline conveyer systems, we evaluate each opportunity independently, and without limitation, to ensure our customers make the most reliable product possible,” said Frank Hart, PVA’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “Throughout the changing global manufacturing landscape, we remain committed to providing customers with exceptional products and industry-leading global support.”

More than world-class coating machines, PVA’s customer-driven solutions are used worldwide in many industries. Its technology, knowledge and flexibility allow the company to work with customers to customize their processes to best fit their requirements. All systems are backed by a 24-hour global service network, including regionally trained technicians for fast response times.

PVA serves many industries with a range of applications including adhesives/sealants, automated dispensing, coating, curing, custom automation, manual dispensing, micro dispensing and SMT/semiconductor dispensing. The goal is to provide the best technology for each customer within the following industries:


  • Electronics: Used in manufacturing everything from smart phones to LCD displays, the company’s automated and manual solutions provide accurate, reliable dispensing of materials such as solder pastes, adhesives, silicones, sealants and cyanoacrylates.
  • Aerospace: Precision and reliability are crucial in the manufacturing of aircrafts and their parts. Leading manufacturers rely on PVA for accurate dispensing of lubricants, solvents, sealants, adhesives and pastes.
  • Automotive: The diverse automotive industry presents numerous dispensing opportunities from selective spray coating to potting, gasketing and bead dispensing, including applying adhesives and lubricants.
  • Medical Device Manufacturing: The company’s solutions assist in this industry from the handheld prototyping phase all the way through to large-scale production. PVA systems are used in applications such as bonding of plastics, glass and metals, lubricating equipment, coating, dispensing UV adhesives for bonding canulas, catheters, and other plastic, glass and metal components.
  • Military/Defense: The military market is known for highmix/ low-volume applications, as well as nontraditional boards. PVA’s machine flexibility and patented 4-axis option, has made them a valuable partner in the military market.
  • Renewable Energy: The company’s systems are used in numerous applications to ensure reliable products in the solar assembly process including solder paste dispense, edge/frame sealing, junction box potting & attachment, thin film backside coating, and electrical connection sealant/grease.
  • General Packaging: Combining flexible custom solutions with diverse application expertise, PVA is a valuable source for dispensing hot melt adhesives, doming materials, sealants, epoxies and spray coat finishing.

PVA’s products include selective conformal coating systems, automated dispensing, meter mix dispensing equipment, surface mount adhesives, valves, coating inspection, inline curing ovens, optical bonding, board handling, valve controllers, manual dispensing/coating systems, material delivery tanks/pumps, coating & dispensing options, dispensing consumables, programming software and fume extraction/filtration.

“From modest beginnings in Upstate New York, to a 105,000 sq ft facility in Cohoes, NY, with regional sites stationed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, PVA has a long history of providing innovation and expertise in dispensing, coating and custom automation,” concluded Hart.

PVA has stayed true to its small-town roots, earning it more than a reputation for technological innovation but also as a community leader. Through its Fast Break Fund, the company contributes monies and resources to developing educational programs that provide children with the resources necessary to succeed academically and athletically. The program provides sports summer camp scholarships to children from families with low incomes and sports clinics to children with developmental disabilities.

Halfmoon Works evolved from the Fast Break Fund. Many of the Fast Break children have grown up and are young adults facing the challenges of our complex world. Taking personal development beyond sports, Halfmoon Works provides a fully equipped 3,000 sq ft facility and woodworking workshops to these and other young adults with special needs, allowing them to create and sell quality wood products.

PVA strives to provide the technological innovation its customers need while giving the care and concern that its community deserves.

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