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V-ONE- The Platform for Entering World of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

By Wee Kah Khim, Senior Vice President, ViTrox 

ViTrox’s strong line-up with Industry 4.0 offers innovative, leading-edge and cost-effective automated vision inspection equipment and system-on-chip embedded electronics devices for the world wide semiconductor and electronics packaging industries.

Demand of our smart vision inspection machines in the semiconductor and electronic manufacturing sectors continues to grow, thanks to the increased complexity of semiconductor packages and the miniaturization of consumer electronics products. This meant more inspection capabilities are now required at different processes to ensure better product quality and the adoption of Industry 4.0 to improve processes and operation efficiency.

One important element in industry 4.0 is to have machine to machine communication capability where we link up ViTrox’s inspection systems together with other equipment in the manufacturing.  By connecting machines and taking active role in the manufacturing processes, the process engineers can create an intelligent network along the entire value chain that can communicate and control each other autonomously with less intervention by operators. Our focus for inspection machine has now evolved from defect identification to defect prevention through real time machine data monitoring and analysis. ViTrox’s inspection machines are now equipped with smart features to cater for the needs of our customers in supporting the Industry 4.0 for higher output optimization.

Venturing into Industry 4.0, data is essentially the new currency. Managing and using the data is the investment we have to do.

Adoption of Industry 4.0 into the electronics manufacturing industry creates further opportunity for our advanced 3D vision inspection systems. Armed with V-ONE that comes with Connect, Visualise and ProAct, our customers now can reap the benefits of industrial 4.0 where key manufacturing and equipment information is made available easily everywhere, anytime via dashboard that can be self-customized according to customer’s’ requirements.

We caught lightning in a bottle

V-ONE project was initiated by ViTrox’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) team in 4 years ago. Mr. Yeoh Shih Hoong, as the leader of CoE team always provides guidance and motivation to his team throughout the project. The team demonstrates the team spirit by brainstorming ideas together days and nights, armed with new knowledge and helping each other to develop a revolutionized solution.

With few years of research and development of the smart feature, V-ONE is ViTrox’s latest smart manufacturing software-based solution which drives toward a one-stop platform with customization to tailor for the need of our customer. V-ONE now allows users to manage factories smarter and optimize factory resources across geographical locations. With long term and strategic initiatives and investment in new data centric era, ViTrox is ready to capture the V-ONE’s growth opportunity with electronics manufacturing around the world towards Industry 4.0.

The Smart Manufacturing’s Next Act

Electronics Manufacturing around the world suffers from defects on the products that slip through inspection stations. V-ONE works to monitor the inspection stations, collect real time information and monitor defects trends in order for the engineers to predict the product defects in high accuracy when it happens and soon even before it happens. It draws upon mostly primary sources from the Machine Vision aspect as well as in the technology of deep learning artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

The prior focus and objective of V-ONE is to connect all the inspection systems and other equipment in the SMT production line. V-ONE visualizes real time information and process defects and proactively inform potential root causes of the defects that happens, where it happen and how it happens so that prevention steps can be implemented. Therefore it enables factories to be managed in a smarter way and optimizes factory resources across geographical locations. The enormous data collection can be stored in a centralized server or cloud platform. “V-ONE project has highlighted the importance of the revolution in the manufacturing industry and beyond. The benefits; it has allowed reduction of time to market, reduction of humans managing machines, higher yield and utilization of investment on capital equipment.” Gary Leong, Director of Business Development

How V-ONE helps an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) in Malaysia?

For customers with multiple manufacturing lines installed, the trend is clear that they would like to centralize the control of operation parameters so that there will be less deviation occurs. ViTrox has worked closely together with customer on this concept of centralized control. On 30th October 2017, NationGate, a Malaysia-based Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) launched the centralized control system in 3D AOI defects buyoff from multiple lines through V-ONE.

The impact of unplanned downtime on industrial companies is real and significant. As a manufacturer itself, the biggest threat faced for inspection stations in the production is high false alarm or defects slips through in inspection systems.

According to Mr Foong Chee Leong, Business Development Director of NationGate, lack of centralized system to monitor the entire production line of machine performance is essential to today’s manufacturing management. “Previously we are facing limitation of system to perform job assignment to support machine for maintenance, utilization, error and etc. We have to manually collect machine data of each machine one-by-one and compile analysis accordingly, whereby it was time consuming and resources dependent. Moreover, I am not able to pre-plan the machine fine-tuning and react on production defects instantly as I did not have real-time machine information on hand.” said by NationGate engineer.

“Now with V-ONE, we can monitor the machine health, status, process trends, yield trends, defects correlation with other inspection systems on the same line and link to our ticketing systems to have a close loop monitoring, detection and prevention process, all in a convenience of a touch screen monitor.” said by NationGate’s Production Manager.

“V-ONE, a smart factoring tool at your fingertips, visualize, respond and proactively computes the inspection results in various stages of the production lines making your process indicators live both pre and post inspections and giving the capability to control the production process in a smarter way with less time and resources.”                                                                                         Khoo Yak Hua, R&D Manager

 What makes V-ONE different from others?

What we believed when we launched V-ONE is that the adoption of this Smart Manufacturing platform provides the path to the next, and larger, Industry 4.0 deployment. Our R&D and Technical Support team have learned plenty in the journey of Industry 4.0 in recent years. They’ve applied those lessons to the development of our software-based smart manufacturing solution, sharing that experience with our partners and customers all the time.

The configurable and robust features of V-ONE stands out from the other similar solutions in the market whereby it is customizable and suit to a wide range of customers’ needs. V-ONE is now applicable to Multinational Companies (MNC), Large Local Companies (LLC) and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) from various industries such as Medical, Automotive, Consumer, Semiconductor, SMT, Telecommunication Industry, etc. By utilizing the features of V-ONE, users are able to manage their production lines in a smarter way and align with Smart Manufacturing trends.

Today, we are excited to announce that the new facelift of V-ONE! Our team has conceptualized various branding strategies to promote V-ONE for the manufacturing world. We are convinced that V-ONE solution will definitely lead our customers on their journey towards Industry 4.0. Our engineering team will continue to strive harder to deliver more innovative features to ensure that all these will eventually bring tremendous benefits to our customers and people around us. If you would like to understand more about ViTrox’s initiatives towards Industry 4.0, please follow us at www.v-one.com.my

“Our investment on V-ONE will not stop here as we see the essential to keep pace with rapidly evolving requirement on Industry 4.0 and new expectation from customers.  We will continue to grow V-ONE team in order to remain as the leading Industrial 4.0 solution provider equipped with the machine to machine connectivity, human-machine interface, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and other cutting-edge technologies capability that led to new ways for our clients to improve their operational performance.”

                                    Wee Kah Khim, Senior Vice President

 Join us in moving towards a smarter and more productive manufacturing industry.

With V-ONE, everything is just a click away.