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Yamaha Motor Europe Factory Automation Section, the only producer of robots in all commonly used industrial form factors for end-to-end robotic process automation, continues to extend its SCARA family. Available arm lengths now range from just 120mm to 1200mm, and maximum payload from 1kg to 50kg, to accelerate a wide variety of pick and place, packaging/de-packaging, and mechanical assembly tasks.

The YK-XG and YK-TW orbital SCARA series contain advanced features that ensure efficient movement and superior long-term accuracy. By placing the tip-rotation axis directly in line with the speed-reducing gear, leveraging a specially designed hollow motor, the YK-XG beltless drive allows fast R-axis rotation with large offset loads that require traditional belt-driven robots to decelerate. The latest models feature 45% faster X-Y axis speed than previous generations, now reaching 7.6m/s, 35% greater angular speed up to 2.3m/s, and 93% higher R-axis speed at 1700°/s.

Yamaha Scara robots

With magnetic position resolvers, instead of optical encoders traditionally used in other industrial SCARA ranges, Yamaha’s SCARA robots benefit from higher noise immunity and boost reliability by eliminating the effects of contamination such as dust or grease that exist in industrial environments. There are also design features that simplify maintenance to maximise uptime for greater productivity.

The versatile range offers many options for system integrators, including YK-XGP dust-proof and drip-proof models that can resist environmental contaminants, YK-XGC clean-room robots, YK-XGS wall-mount and inverse configurations, and the YK-XR series for cost-sensitive applications.

For more information about Yamaha’s SCARA, and cartesian, single-axis, multi-axis robots and unique linear modular conveyer for superior industrial automation, please visit Yamaha’s website at https://www.yamaha-motor-im.de/en/fa/.