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October 2019, Stuttgart – The Swedish company Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB, a pioneer in the field of smart lifting, has officially launched its newest product – Binar NEO 30. The innovative device is specially developed to meet the requirements of companies with lifting and moving needs for goods up to 30 kg.

Binar NEO 30 was officially launched with an exclusive kick-off event during the international trade fair Motek Stuttgart 2019. The premiere gathered in one place global media, exhibitors and partners of the company. The revolutionary smart-lifting device was specially presented by Mattias Lindh, CEO of Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB, Christian Frisk, Sales and Product Manager, and Johan Smärgel, Marketing Manager.

Fast and easy to install, Binar NEO is a battery-powered device, which can operate on different working stations. The innovative product has a range of standard grippers and guarantees safe and precise ergonomic lifting. Thanks to its user-friendly operation system, NEO 30 becomes one of the most mobile lifting devices in years.

“We are all very proud of the newest addition to our product portfolio – the revolutionary Binar NEO. Our passion is to provide smart-lifting solutions without compromises, focusing on every company’s greatest asset: its employees. Binar NEO was developed to meet the increasing market demand in regards to quality, safety and user-friendliness, utilizing the unique expertise and knowledge of Binar’s team. Given this, we are fully confident that this innovation will support employees all around the world in their daily work”, commented Mattias Lindh, CEO of Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB.

Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB Launches the NEO 30 – a Revolutionary Smart-lifting Device


With its user-friendly and compact design, Binar NEO 30 is developed to meet the requirements of companies with lifting and moving needs for goods up to 30 kg. The product is battery-powered and comes with а complete package with two batteries that will prepare users for any challenge.


  • Fast and easy to install;
  • Battery-powered;
  • Mobile, easy to move around and can operate on different working stations;
  • A range of standard grippers;
  • Lifts goods up to 30 kg with a minimum effort;
  • Safe and precise, provides users with ergonomic lifting.

Technical data

  • Height – 410 mm ;
  • Width – 132 mm;
  • Depth – 121 mm;
  • Weight – 7,5 kg;
  • Max lifting capacity – 30 kg;
  • Max stroke – 1,4 m;
  • Max speed – 0,50-0,25 m/s, depending on the load;
  • Lifting strokes on one charge – 500–200 (depending on the load and the stroke).


Binar NEO 30 is available on Binar Quick-Lift Systems AB’s website.