i4.0 today

Indoorway launches a new set of tools for faster, safer and more transparent industrial processes. With InSites 4.0 decision-makers can get insights about movement in manufacturing or logistics sites with nearly 20-30 cm accuracy. This might help to modernize their buildings, increase revenue streams and introduce more lean management.

Upgrade production and storage venues in the spirit of the fourth industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 has been widely discussed in a variety of publications and industry conferences. Thus, manufacturing executives are already aware that industrial IoT is crucial to modernize the production and grow their businesses. However, as the KPMG report says, there is “a growing gap between executive ambition and transformative action.“ That’s why it is so important to deliver fully-featured and easily applicable solutions that bring advanced technology to factories and warehouses instantly. As there are more and more smart manufacturing tools that promise to improve the whole scope of production processes, another big question arises: which aspect of industrial management needs new technologies the most?

Indoorway, a smart building company from Poland, believes that manufacturers and industrial managers should, first of all, take a closer and smarter look inside their plants. When they realize what the typical movement patterns are, they would be able to introduce further improvements and innovations to leverage work cycles of factories, warehouses or logistics hubs. To address the needs of the industry, Indoorway has just released its new B2B service using precise indoor positioning system – InSites 4.0. It brings smartness into industrial venues and makes the adoption of Industry 4.0 seamless.

– The next generation of our indoor positioning system unlocks real-time and historical data about movement within a building. Therefore it delivers precious insights about the utilization
of machines and space, as well as the activity of certain teams and shifts. Such information can be used to reduce maintenance costs by up to 20%, improve time-efficiency by even 15% and significantly reduce the risk of a dangerous incidents at a plant. For managers in this industry, it’s a huge and highly beneficial first step into the digital era – explains Grzegorz Koblański, Indoorway CEO.

Make production and logistics processes faster, safer and more transparent

InSites 4.0 is a ready-to-use tool based on indoor positioning system. It uses Indoorway’s brand new hardware: Tags and Hubs. Tags are advanced devices, which can be attached to any tracked asset or handed over to employees. Whereas Hubs are installed on walls or ceilings
to process the data. This system enables collecting information about movement, which is then presented in the intuitive, online Analytical Dashboard.

While exploring InSites 4.0 analytical tools, industrial managers can get useful insights into complex manufacturing processes. They can examine, for example:

  • the usage rate of each unloading ramp, pathway or entrance;
  • the time spent on order picking process, loading and reloading cycles;
  • the movement of forklifts and other vehicles with in-depth mileage statistics;
  • the activity of each shift along with the time spent in a certain zone and on a given task;
  • the current utilization rate of the temporary storage zone;
  • unexpected stoppages, logistics spaghetti diagram, and many more.

Such data might be used to ensure optimized use of crucial resources, forecast health&safety hazards and standardize employees’ work cycle.

Indoorway operates worldwide and has already digitized over 2 million m2. The company, with its idea of optimizing indoor spaces, has been recognized among top 15 European startups
in PowerUp competition by EIT InnoEnergy. For more information visit: insites40.com