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Yamaha Factory Automation Section (FA Section) combined its business focus in robotics with the excitement of MotoGP at the annual distributor meeting in Barcelona during the MotoGP race weekend, June 14-15. All the company’s European robot sales and distributor partners gathered from across Europe to talk technology and strategy – and to see Yamaha’s racing heroes in action.

Yamaha’s MOTOBOT expresses the synergy between the company’s advanced robot technology and commitment to continually improving performance.

Yamaha MOTOBOT Thunder Hill

The group got down to business immediately on Saturday, as leaders from Yamaha FA Section presented the latest state-of-the-art innovations rolling out to take the company forward. Yamaha is the only industrial robot producer to offer standard products in all formats – SCARA, cartesian, linear, single- and multi-axis robots, and with the added advantage of the unique programmable robotic LCM100 conveyor module.

Individual meetings in the afternoon let distributors present their plans and discuss the support they need for the coming year. “The time is right for significant investment in robot technology across industries from precision assembly and high-speed manufacturing to packaging and logistics, driving productivity to the next level,” said Mr. Ichiro Arimoto, Yamaha Motor Europe Robotic Division General Manager. “We continue to strengthen support for our distributor partners here in Europe, to deliver the most advanced, flexible, and efficient solutions for customers.”

Yamaha Europe FA SectionDistributor Meeting 2019

Sunday took the delegates to the Circuit de Catalunya, with complementary tickets to see all the action at the track; a fitting “thank you” from the company behind MOTOBOT, the robotic-control testbed that has raced against top Yamaha MotoGP star Valentino Rossi and continues to come ever-closer to the nine-time world champion’s lap times — demonstrating the rapid progress Yamaha continues to achieve in this fast-moving field of automation.

For further information please visit the Yamaha Motor Europe FA Section website at https://www.yamaha-motor-im.de/en/fa/