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January 2019 – Phelps, NY – Z-AXIS, Inc. (www.zaxis.net) has added equipment to expand and upgrade its capabilities for robotic conformal coating of SMT and mixed-technology printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) at its electronic design and contract electronic manufacturing services center near Rochester, NY. 

The $100,000+ investment includes a new Delta 6 robotic dispensing system from PVA in Cohoes, NY (https://pva.net), along with two precision dispensing valves. The atomizing spray valve dispenses a uniform protective coating on a PCB assembly.  The micro-dot dispensing valve creates clean, precise edges around areas to be left uncoated, such as contact pads.

The PVA Delta 6 replaces an older off-line conformal coating robot at Z-AXIS. The Delta 6’s internal conveyor, along with two new conveyor assemblies, allows the company to increase throughput of PCBAs through the system. The company has also upgraded its UV cure chamber with a high-intensity light source for rapid curing of urethane coatings.

Watch the video: Robotic conformal coating at Z-AXIS https://www.zaxis.net/video-conformal-coating-pcb-assembly/

Conformal coating helps ensure reliability of printed circuit board assemblies in outdoor and industrial equipment. The thin layer of urethane or acrylic conforms to the circuit board assembly topography  and protects it from condensation and contamination.

Z-AXIS upgrades and expands robotic conformal coating capabilities for SMT assembly services near Rochester, NY

The benefits of robotic conformal coating include:

  • More consistent coverage for higher yields and better protection of PCBAs.
  • Higher-throughput PCB assembly services for lower production costs and faster delivery.
  • Reduced environmental impact through reduced waste from excess coating material, discarded masks, and fixtures that need to be cleaned.

The programmable robotic system is a key part of a controlled and repeatable process.

“With our older robotic older system, Z-AXIS had already become known for providing the most consistent, high-quality conformal coatings among electronic manufacturing companies in Rochester,” said Michael Allen, President of Z-AXIS. “This upgrade and expansion has dramatically increased our capacity for conformal coating and boosted our competitiveness with contract manufacturers around the world.”